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Fallout: New Vegas Review: Game 1 on my Inexpensive Game List (GIVEAWAY ANNOUNCEMENT)

Fallout: New Vegas is an action free roam RPG game that was made in 2010 by Bethesda Softworks. The series is one instalment of four in total (soon to be five.) THIS IS WITHOUT A DOUBT MY FAVOURITE GAME OF ALL TIME. Before I get into why its fucking brilliant I would briefly like to highlight its downsides which get an E for Effort, at best.

As highly as I praise this game, as many copies as i’ve purchased for friends there are huge bugs in this game. The games plot fits together well but there are huge bugs within it that can prevent you from being able to finish the game. If you make your character evil, he better be strong. I played once and killed a few members of a gang within the group called The Legion within the first hour of play and when it got to beating the game at the end when I needed to infiltrate their base I was instantly killed because I had a bad reputation. There is no way you can finish the game even if you have business in a place that hates you, you should at least be able to have the option to talk with the person you need to. Same with Skyrim and many other free roam games. I’d also like to brief on the LITERAL bugs. When the game glitches, freezes and you lose hours of game play. If they had spent another year perfecting it, I wouldn’t be mad at that but alas – they didn’t. Another annoyance is the super long loading screen that seem to appear EVERY FIVE SECONDS. Yes, it is a big game but could they have compressed it a little bit more to avoid those? Oh well, at least it auto-saves during that time, (you’re going to need it.)

However, the PROS to this game far outweigh the cons. The main pro being, obviously, the intriguing plot and setting. The plot is pretty simple. You are a courier and while delivering a shady package, you got shot in the head. You are now looking for the man to kill you but little do you know the dozens of adventures that lay in between you and CHANDLER BING (the guy who attempted killed you, remember, friends? Remember, chandler?) Yea he tried to kill you. The plot is pretty standard but when you throw it in a post – apocalyptic setting filled with retro-futurism in the midst of old Vegas you cooked yourself up a winner, Bethesda! The game exploits Vegas as often perceived in the movies, glamorous, sinful and exciting. It enthrals you into a world of joy in an existence where joy had been wiped out in the war. You can gamble, visit casinos, see zombie ghoul hookers and investigate drama filled in each individual casino’s gang, while listening to the big band classics we all know and love.

Secondary to the plot, the biggest pro is the weaponry and level up abilities. The actual fighting in this game is very fun and easy. The ability to enter VATS mode gives you the option to sit back and watch your character finish off any enemy with brute force, all packaged into a little, cute, bloody cinematic. You come across enough weapons and ammo to make it enjoyable, yet still a bit of a challenge. 

Thirdly, my favourite pro is the celebrity cast of voice actors. The radio voice is none other than the lovely WAYNE NEWTON. Yea, that guy your grandma likes! He is just sexy. And also many more popular and current actors. I’m also going to take this paragraph to talk about my favourite thing about the game that gives it it’s soul – the soundtrack. Although youtube has soured me on it by continuously giving me copyright strikes this game has the most amazing soundtrack. Games like bioshock take 20’s – 50’s music and gently place it in but with FALLOUT you get it full blast on radio, pick the station you want and rock out to some Sintra, Mitchell or Ink spots. Its brilliance.

In summary, this game is amazing if you can look past the graphical anomalies. Its exciting, dramatic and funny. The best part is, it retails for about 10 – 15 dollars or less now on eBay. If you want a copy of this game for free subscribe to my channel and stay tuned for an announcement on my latest give-away. Thanks guys



Rating for fallout: 8.5/10


Fallout New Vegas: Cheap Games 1

Hey everyone!
So how are you? Good? That’s good. You look great today! I just wanted to tell you that I have started the first instalment of my
Inexpensive game series. This series involves games you may have missed when they were popular and now can get Inexpensively. Fallout new Vegas is the best game of all time in my opinion. I’ll do a review on it soon. Here’s the first three videos of my gameplay. I love you!
-me (roxxxycotton)

Video one:

Video two:

Video three: